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Brief Introduction

Q:  How large is an area of your company?

A:  TOPONE has an area of 10,000 sq.m.


Q:  How many employees are there in your factory?

A:  There are over 400 employees in our factory.


Q:  Could you tell us your main customers from which area?

A:  Most our customer cover major area of the world, including Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia and other countries.


Q:  What kind of mould do you make?

A:  We can make injection mould , silicone mould, BMC mould, MUD mould, BL mould, stack mould, over-mould, double shots mould, electroformed mould, Gas-assist mould ,rapid prototype mould and die casting mould.


Q:  How much is the maximun size mould can you build?

A:  We can build about 20 tons and 2.0m mould.


Q:   How many moulds can you make monthly?

A:   Averagely, we make about 70 to 80 sets moulds monthly.


Q:  Do you have plastic injection machines for mould trial?

A:  Yes, we have. The 33 injection machines range from 90 tons to 600 tons.


Q:  How many shifts do you operate every day?

A:  For CNC, EDM and Polishing Departs, Molding Shop, two shifts; Mould Shop depends on the emergency; the others are one shift..


Q:  How long is the lead-time for a mould?

A:  It is hard to say. It all depends on the mould size, complexity and design. Usually, the lead-time is about 4-8 weeks.


Q: What industries do you serve?

A: We serve markets like OA equipment, IT product, Automotive, Home and entertainment appliances, Medical products and more.


Facilities & Technology

Q: How do you maintain your advanced machines?

A: We appoint some experienced and skilled staffs to maintain these machines.


Q: Have the operators been trained specially?

A: Yes, they have.


Q: How often do you inspect your machinery and tools?

A: Have a maintain every week (skilled staff ), and a maintain every month (quality department ).


Q: What kind of steel do you use to make mould?

A: We can use all types of steel appointed by customer. like P20,718H, 8407, S136, H13, 1.2344, 1.2311, etc. They are from famous suppliers, such as LKM, ASSAB, THYSSEN, etc.


Q: Where do you buy mould base?

A: Usually we buy the  mould base from LKM.


Q: Do you build hot runner mould?

A: Yes, we build hot runner moulds and are familiar with many different systems such as DME, Mold-Master, Master-tip, Hasco,Yudo, Synventive and Husky, etc. The manifold used for your tool is selected to meet your needs.


Q: How long do you need for quotation?

A: Exact quotation will be available within 2 working days once we get sufficient information from customer.


Q: How do you do the texture/ text/heat-treatment/nitriding and so on?

A: We have the cooperative subsidiary factories to do that. They are more professinal.


Q: How do you monitor the process?

A: Our Project Dept. appoints project engineer to handle every project progress and to communicate with customers.


Q: Which precision grade you can reach?

A: For the mould, we can guarantee the precision to 0.002mm, for the platic part, 50 length/0.02.


Q: Do you have any problems communicating in English?

A: No problem at all. It’s common we use English here.


Q: What standard mould can you build?

A: It is base on DME or HASCO standard normally. Also it will be totally decided by the requirements of the customer.


Q: Which process do you think is the most important in mould making?

A: We think every process is important and we pay attention on every detail, strict request each process.


Q: Can you provide the steel certificate and heat-treatment certificate?

A: Yes, we can. The steel supplier and heat-treatment facory can provide the certificates.


Q: Do you use graphite or copper to be electrode?

A: We use both of them..


Q: Will you provide spare parts for the damageable parts of mould?

A: Yes, we will. The damageable parts and spare parts will be listed during mould design stage, and then confirmed by customer, it will be completed on agreed lead time, after confirmation received from the client party, and then packed, shipped with the mould together.


Q: What kind of software be used?

A: Software used are UG, Pro/E, Catia, SolidWorks, MastCAM, AutoCAD, PowerMill.


Q: What type of CAD Files is acceptable for you?

A: DXF, DWG, STEP/STP, IGES, X-T etc formats are acceptabel for us.


Human Resource & Working Environment

Q: Where did you employ your staff?

A: We seek qualified, experienced and high-educated employees from talent market or college


Q: Have your employees been trained?

A: Yes, they are. We provide internal training for every new comer from the beginning.


Q: Where do your employees live?

A: We have a living building in our factory for our employees.


Q: How many percent of the talent flow in your company each year?

A: The percentage is quite small, only about 2-3%. We think the stability of workforce can maintain a good productivity.


Q: Could you tell us the average employees salary?

A: It’s hard to say. Different titile, skill and experience have different salary, but it’s competive.


Q: How often do you raise employees’ salary?

A: We reconsider the salary twice every year.


Terms of Shipment & Payment

Q: Can you explain your terms of payment?

A: For new mould, 40% deposit, 30% on first trial, 30% before delivery. For modify mould, 100% one week upon the approval of the update samples.


Q: How do you pack the mould?

A: General packing method. For the mould exported overseas: we pack it strictly in accordance to standard of export regulation.


Q: Are there any attachement will be shipped with mould together in case?

A: There are electrodes, spare parts, plastic samples, product checking report, photoes of the mould, steel certificate etc.



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